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2022 check-in: what’s going on?

Hello there! Obviously, this whole blogging thing didn't turn out to be something I could follow up on, last year. No surprises there! It sounded great in my head, and I had so many plans for posts beyond just book reviews and updates about my own writing journey...but none of these came to fruition. I… Continue reading 2022 check-in: what’s going on?

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So what’s the deal with Skylark in the Fog?

If you know me as a writer, you know about Skylark. Well, okay. That sounds like a clever starting sentence, but I should be honest. Because "knowing me as a writer" is a feat in itself already — as I have mentioned before, I've not been defining myself as an author for a very long… Continue reading So what’s the deal with Skylark in the Fog?