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Book Bundle Bonanza! – March Storybundle by the SFWA featuring Skylark in the Fog

Listen, I totally remembered I had a blog several times during the last year. I recalled. It had occurred to me. The thought hung in the air in front of me and a little to the left, frequently, like a gray ghost, formless and half-eaten by moths or something (I’m convinced moths eat ghosts, don’t @ me). And I’d looked at it, you know, glanced with wary eyes, uncertain whether I’ve ever had anything to do with the thing at all, and I was like, “Oh, that? Yeah, sure.” And then I turned away to, I don’t know, go on with my desperate screeching into the (definitely not online blog-shaped) void or something.

But I have a thing to announce now, so it’s time to necromancy this thing out of its dubious grave.

I have the pleasure and absolute delight to be involved in a sci-fi bundle put together by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association (SFWA). You might know bundles from the world of video games more: it usually means a package of different…things, put together along a common theme and marketed-slash-sold together, usually for a lower price. And that’s exactly what’s going on here, in SWFA’s March Storybundle!


That’s my cover among all the others! Space is Big. Very big. And all these novels were written by indie authors to show how big, exactly, and also to fill that emptiness with stories. The 15 novels were chosen by SFWA members from 100+ submissions during a long process, so, you know. A curated collection.

Read all about them and buy the bundle over here:

The bundle is available until 23 March, and you can get 4 books for minimum $5 or all 15 books for $20! There’s an option to choose how much to give the authors vs SFWA, you can also support charities, and you can even give the bundle as a gift! If you think my book sounds cool, you like weird and mildly threatening AIs, galactic explorers running into troubles, space empires warring over this or that, strange planets and stranger tech, and characters you can root for not to get completely screwed in the middle of all this, I think you will find these books worthy to look into.

I honestly feel so humbled to be there, together with all these cool authors (many of these books are on my TBR now! some of them were even there before!) usually much more experienced than me! So needless to say, this is like, a huge thing for me. And I’m so happy. And I hope it will help my little book find more readers who will get at least as much joy out of it as I’d gotten when writing it. Which was a lot, admittedly.

So. Huge thing. Joy. Read about space. Tell your friends.

Thank you, love you, bye-bye.


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