Character-centered, hopeful SFF about found families, defining one’s identity, healing from trauma, and conquering the occasional dark wizard, while probably drinking too much coffee and getting lost in weird metaphors.

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Skylark in the Fog
new adult/adult space opera/adventure

Character art & aesthetic

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So when the universe falls to pieces, it doesn’t mean your life has to, right? That comes later.

Jeane Blake, captain of the Skylark, makes her living by looting dead worlds, remnants of a universe-breaking catastrophe hundreds of years ago. She only wants to be left to her smuggling business, but when her crew stumbles upon a dangerous invention, they draw the hungry eyes of the Union—and the empire will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Maura Tholis, freshly crowned queen of the planet Miyoza, is fighting a losing battle for everything she holds dear. Plagued by grief, doubt, and fear, she has to leave her war-torn home behind, and the power she carries has the potential to change the course of history forever.

Forced to assist the refuge-seeking royalty, the Skylark crew is pursued by power-hungry militants and desperate rebels. The team has to work together to save their skin, their homes, and to preferably not destroy the universe in the process. But how do we go about saving the world when we haven’t even found our place in it yet?

new adult/adult fantasy

Calla has no memories of her childhood, except for some hazy, recurring nightmares. But she doesn’t really mind. As a servant in Kiriong, the picturesque terrace-garden home to the Hennan family, she’s content to live a simple life, untouched by the troubles of the world. As long as no one finds out about the forbidden magic stirring under her skin.

When the estranged first-born son of the Hennans, Gray—a magic user himself, in servitude of the monarch—returns home tracking a runaway mage, the secret Calla has kept for so long threatens to break to the surface. As the turbulent tides of long-forgotten magic draw the two of them together, finding out what happened to Calla in those buried years might be her only chance to survive.

But Gray knows more than what he admits. And the secrets could break both of them. They could break the entire world.

Character art & aesthetic

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Inima Mea
new adult/adult paranormal horror

Breva, Ludmi, and Popsicle are childhood friends living in a van by day, and ghost-hunters with special spirit-whisperer powers by night. But the same ability that makes them so good at their job also turns them into outcasts in the human world.

One day, a lead takes them into an abandoned country house that holds a nasty surprise. And as their own origin story catches up with them in the form of a greedy cult and a powerful storm demon, the decision is between sacrificing their lives to right a wrong they were never responsible for, and offering the world (the world that never accepted them) on a silver plate to an insatiable being that would destroy everything they love.

Out of the Grey
D&D-style epic fantasy adventure

When Viridiane, the young half-elf apothecary apprentice runs away from her quiet town in search of her mother in the woods, she’s hoping to get to know her elven lineage and finally embrace the magic she’s been forbidden to pursue. But instead of a loving embrace and fun adventure, she only finds death and destruction in the ruins of the once great City in the Forest.

Now she’s on the run with a mysterious tiefling and a thief who loves fire just a little too much in tow, and a thousand questions on her mind. Where has her mother gone? What happened to her city and why did her father forbid Viri to visit it through all these years anyway? And what is the troubling, deadly power that is slowly awakening in her?