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Book Selection – Sean Browning: I Don’t Seem So Bright In A Well-Lit Room

Today, I would like to introduce you to one of the first books I’ve read on Wattpad at the time I signed up. It is an impactful, ridiculous story that got under my skin and I surely won’t be able to do justice to it with any type of review here, sadly. But as luck and talent would have it, this book is now published, so you can check it out for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

Do you like entertaining, funny, heart-warming, and occasionally heart-breaking space madness? Then this is the comedy/sci-fi novel for you.

The universe is a very strange place. It will take even stranger heroes to save it.

Potto is dim-witted, extremely forgetful and incredibly naïve. He wasn’t always this way. Aye-Aye is devilishly shrewd and has boozed his way into a comfortable existence of incompetence and sleaze. How they ended up being two of the most wanted aliens in the galaxy is anyone’s guess.

Chased down by every oddball bounty hunter in the known universe, and befriended by a libidinous assassin, a fire-breathing reptilian, and a telepathic tree, their misadventures take them past Earth (the mall planet), to a floating sex circus, a planet of killer stuffed animals, an underground spaceship impound lot, and to a planet of reasonably priced bungalows. All while flying around in a ship powered by the brain waves of a psycho killer.  

A great prophecy proclaims that only “one of light, and one of dark” can save the universe from the dictatorship of The Node.  That can’t be Potto and Aye… Potto doesn’t know what the word prophecy means, and neither know how to spell it.

It is hard to explain this novel and certainly much better to experience it, but I will still try. In fact, come on, let’s try together!

Imagine… whimsical, but still making sense. Imagine chaotic, but roughly ordered towards a few “ahhha!” and “oh, wow!” and “umm, okay, what?” moments. Imagine characters of all species, gender, form, and colour, all over the Universe who you will want to get to know more about, instantly. Imagine a story that is, at the first glance, a bunch of nonsense and zany weirdness, but then, slowly, makes you realize that the whole thing does, in fact, lead somewhere. And that somewhere is, while still weird and zany, has heart and something to tell you about you and the world.

We start with a prologue that doesn’t make much sense, but trust me, if you pay attention, it will be worth it. We continue then with one of our main characters, Aye-Aye, hiding in a broom closet somewhere in Node Prime, which is the home world of our Universe-ruling antagonist, The Node. Aye-Aye is the most pathetic person you’ve ever met, but at the end of it all, he will make you cry, guaranteed. Aye-Aye, somehow (by lying and good/bad fortune, as usual) gets aboard of a ship, the Shiv, en-route to one of the prison moons of Node Prime, with the most dangerous serial killer stashed in its brig. And unknown to Aye-Aye, on the prison moon the most important meeting he will ever have in his life awaits him.

Because Potto, our other protagonist, is on the prison moon. Potto will make you laugh; he is the best person you’ve ever met. But there’s something wrong with him. And you will notice this, and throughout the novel you will be like “but I want to KNOW, tell me, what happened to Potto??” And then when the book tells you, guess what, you will cry.

Anyway, so Aye-Aye and Potto, in the aftermath of the Shiv crashing and several characters dying or almost dying, meet. And that starts off their mad dash through the chaotic Universe of this book, from planet to floating sex circus to the home of murderous stuffed animal aliens, accompanied and chased by (among many others) an assassin, a telepathic tree, a reptilian, various bounty hunters and/or robotic family members, and a fairy. They chase things, then they are being chased; they realize things, connect things, lose things, then ruin things. Then save things. Because according to a prophecy, they’re actually supposed to save the Universe from its nefarious ruler, The Node, by the way. And they just might. Perhaps.

Don’t miss this adventure, I beg of you. Buy this book. Love this book. Kiss this book goodnight. It will tell you many things. Some of those things will forever stay with you.

I think I dared to describe this novel at one time as “Douglas Adams on crack” and I honestly stand by it. Or I would maybe modify it to “Douglas Adams on crack after he realized some (more) important things about himself and people in general through therapy”. Yeah, why not? :) Because without exaggeration, it probably became one of my favourite literary experiences.

If all this sounds good to you, head on over to the webpage of Storywell Publishing here and take a peak at Sean’s author profile. Or go directly to Amazon here or Barnes & Noble here and get a copy.

Let this be the one thing you do today for your mental health.

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