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Why I’m Not Writing Today

  1. uh…
  2. *closes eighteen browser tabs hastily, none of them her WIP*
  3. I’m editing!
  4. I’m EDITING, okay??
  5. I’m reading Books now
  6. I would write, but I can’t find the right font style
  7. I’m staring at my manuscript, re-considering my life, and calling it editing
  8. there are too many interesting reaction videos to watch on Youtube
  9. I could only give it one hour at a time and it’s not enough to ~get into the groove, so I just don’t even start
  10. work is a Looming Thing and I can’t focus on anything else
  11. pandemic jitters
  12. pandemic jitters vol. 2: the panic attack
  13. cat on my lap, sorry, gotta pet
  14. I started searching for better synonyms of a word, now it’s two hours later and I’m reading about mysterious mountain climbing accidents
  15. brain no work, words too hard
  16. I’ve started to listen to the third podcast this week that I’ll never finish
  17. uh… mood swings
  18. video games exist
  19. cat is doing cute things, I have to follow her around to take photos
  20. gotta clean the apartment suddenly
  21. wow my computer is a mess, I really have to organize it right about now!
  22. I’m hungry :(
  23. I’m too full :(
  24. this tea I have is good but it’s not giving me the right mood, youknowwhatimean?
  25. “but what if nothing I write is any good though?”
  26. “but no one cares anyway”
  27. I’m eating way too many gummy bears, all my hands are full of them, I can’t possibly—
  28. my back hurts
  29. my fingers are cold
  30. I’m trying to make a book cover I’ll never use
  31. I’m making a playlist for my characters
  32. I’m creating aesthetics for my characters (but graphic design is not my passion so I’m deleting them right away too)
  33. I’m dreaming about holding my published book <3
  34. sssssh I’m still dreaming about that
  35. okay I’m gonna write soon, but first I need to take a shower because that’s where the good dialogues come to me, you know?
  36. I keep refreshing Wattpad
  37. I keep refreshing WordPress
  38. I’m searching for that funny tweet from the other day
  39. I’m sending myself the fifth Tasty recipe video about awesome cookies I’ll never bake
  40. I’m looking at my site to check if everything looks okay
  41. I’m writing a stupid list for my blog
  42. I’ve run out of items for that stupid list but I still have to post it!
  43. but then maybe after
  44. maybe after that I’ll start to write
  45. promise

Hey, and also?
Happy holidays to all of ya. We got here, somehow. Let’s work for a better 2021. Somehow. x)

2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Writing Today”

  1. This is honestly the most relatable, accurate thing I have read in a very long time. And, let’s be honest, it made me laugh more than a fair bit!

    Happy Holidays to you, too!!

    (P.S. I only just noticed there was this here commenting feature, haha. Unobservant, I am. But I just wanted to let you know that I’ve read all of the other posts, too, and they’re honestly great! Very enjoyable to read! :D )


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