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Book Bundle Bonanza! – March Storybundle by the SFWA featuring Skylark in the Fog

Listen, I totally remembered I had a blog several times during the last year. I recalled. It had occurred to me. The thought hung in the air in front of me and a little to the left, frequently, like a gray ghost, formless and half-eaten by moths or something (I'm convinced moths eat ghosts, don't… Continue reading Book Bundle Bonanza! – March Storybundle by the SFWA featuring Skylark in the Fog

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Notes from #SFFpit – pitches and glitches

Me, crossposting? Me, not knowing what the hell I'm doing? Yes. Hey, check out my pitches from last Thursday's #SFFpit! It was pretty good. Now I'm writing a synopsis and stuff. What is that? Who knows! Maybe I will, by the end of this.

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2022 check-in: what’s going on?

Hello there! Obviously, this whole blogging thing didn't turn out to be something I could follow up on, last year. No surprises there! It sounded great in my head, and I had so many plans for posts beyond just book reviews and updates about my own writing journey...but none of these came to fruition. I… Continue reading 2022 check-in: what’s going on?

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Quarterly Check-in (January-March 2021)

Well, hello! Fancy seeing you here! I decided to write something like this today, because reasons. I started this year with a whole lot of energy and lots of plans, which was kind of a cool feeling, even if part of it was just me overcompensating for the sh*tshow that 2020 was. I launched this… Continue reading Quarterly Check-in (January-March 2021)

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My Creative Goals for 2021

New Year's resolutions are rubbish. They barely work for me, ever, and although it's an exhilarating and cleansing feeling to come up with them and plan out everything nicely in the first days of January, feeling absolutely certain that I In Fact Will Accomplish All And Even More, the momentum usually dies wheezing and in… Continue reading My Creative Goals for 2021

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Why I’m Not Writing Today

uh... *closes eighteen browser tabs hastily, none of them her WIP*I'm editing!I'm EDITING, okay??...I'm reading Books nowI would write, but I can't find the right font styleI'm staring at my manuscript, re-considering my life, and calling it editingthere are too many interesting reaction videos to watch on YoutubeI could only give it one hour at… Continue reading Why I’m Not Writing Today

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So what’s the deal with Skylark in the Fog?

If you know me as a writer, you know about Skylark. Well, okay. That sounds like a clever starting sentence, but I should be honest. Because "knowing me as a writer" is a feat in itself already — as I have mentioned before, I've not been defining myself as an author for a very long… Continue reading So what’s the deal with Skylark in the Fog?