Skylark in the Fog [SF novel]

  • space opera/adventure, 2020
  • 37 chapters; 190,000 words

Jeane Blake, captain of the spaceship Skylark, is a lanehunter, making her living by looting dead worlds, remnants of a Universe-breaking catastrophe hundreds of years ago. She only wants to be left to her business, but when her crew stumbles upon a dangerous invention, they also catch the hungry eyes of the Union — and this monstrous, ever-expanding empire will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

In another corner of the Cosmos, Maura Tholis, freshly crowned queen of the planet Miyoza, is fighting a losing battle for everything she holds dear. Plagued by grief, doubt, and fear, she has to leave her war-torn home behind, and the power she carries has the potential to change the course of history forever.

Forced to assist the refuge-seeking royalty, the Skylark crew inadvertently wreaks havoc instead and has to scramble to fix things before it is too late. Will they be able to work together despite their own demons and preferably not destroy the Universe in the process? How do we go about saving the world when we haven’t even found our place in it yet? And is there a way to forgive the irreparable damage caused by the ones we love the most?

A few words from Wattpad-readers:

The characters and the chemistry is fab. They’re an adorable motley crew and I get the feeling they are going to have way more exciting adventures which I would totally read.

From strangers to really deep friends, it’s a journey that carried the story. […] They’re vibrant characters, people, who went on a difficult journey, and they’ve come a long way.

You have really outdone yourself with this ending, and this whole story, and just everything, really. […] It has been an absolute pleasure to journey along with these fabulous characters. Definitely a book worth reading!

This whole story has been very well executed; one wild ride after the other followed by some chaos, some bonding moments and, of course, the crew’s everlasting sense of humour!