Out of the Grey

Inspired by the first D&D campaign I played…

When Viridiane, the young half-elf apothecary apprentice runs away from her small, quiet town in search of her mother in the woods, she’s hoping to get to know her elven lineage and finally embrace the magic she’s been forbidden to pursue. But instead of intriguing adventure and a loving embrace, she only finds death and destruction in the ruins of the once great City in the Forest.

Now she’s on the run with a thousand questions on her mind waiting to be answered. Where has her mother gone? What happened to her city and why did her father forbid Viridiane to visit it through all these years anyway? And what is the troubling, deadly power that, instead of the pure and majestic magical abilities she’s been waiting for, is slowly awakening in her?

💜 Acknowledgements and my many thanks go to: 💜
– our great and gracious DM, Rid for the world, NPCs, plot progression, and ideas
– my boyfriend and my sister & various friends & other guest players for their characters, backstories, roleplay moments, and all the silly shenanigans that will and might appear in this writeup!


Prologue: The Heart of Change
0.1 Into the Grey
0.2 Grave News

1. The Goblin Master
1.1 Three is a Crowd
1.2 Charmed to Meet
1.3 Fight or Flight
1.4 Saving the Day
1.5 Truth in Lies