Long version

Helyna L. Clove is a lover of the written word, hot comfort drinks, a Universe full of stars and space dust, and all things neat and kind. She was born in 1988 in Hungary, and raised in a small village a few miles off the shores of Lake Balaton. Described as someone always having “her head in the clouds”, she spent the first fifteen years of her life mostly consuming books from her father’s home library, watching some great 90’s sci-fi series, slowly working on her eclectic music taste, and dreaming about being abducted by cool alien friends.

After the arduous years of working on her astronomer degree (because if they were not coming for her, she would damn well at least try and spy on them) she worked as a researcher in Budapest, moving onto the green pastures of South-France in 2018 where she currently lives with her small family of a wonderful boyfriend and Puddle, the cat. She spends most of her time commandeering telescopes, writing/reading, cooking, playing video games, and most recently, trying her hand at playing D&D.

Although she has been (as the Hungarians say) writing to her desk drawer since she was a kindergartener, it wasn’t until 2019 that she stepped out into the world with her stories. And it was only the hell-year of 2020 that she finished her first full-length novel, Skylark in the Fog, a light-hearted but honest space opera featuring a grumpy spaceship captain and her wayward friends on a quest to find their metaphorical (and maybe literal) homes, and, if everything goes well which it rarely does, to save the Universe as well.

Her current projects include Out of the Grey, an epic fantasy written in an easy-going style that is based on a successful homebrew D&D campaign, and the so-far-untitled sequel to the adventures of the Skylark-crew.

Puddle, the Queen of the Castle