Inima Mea [paranormal novella]

  • paranormal/fantasy novella, 2021
  • 7 chapters; 30,000 words
  • longlisted in Wattpad’s Open Novella Contest 2021!

Breva, Ludmi, and Popsicle are childhood friends and, by the way, ghost-hunters . Thanks to their dead-whisperer powers, they’re good at it too, but this same ability also makes them outcasts in the human world.

One day, the job takes them into an abandoned country house that holds a nasty surprise. And when their own origin story catches up with them in the form of a greedy cult and a powerful storm demon, the decision is between sacrificing their lives to right a wrong they were never responsible for and offering the world on a silver plate to an insatiable supernatural being that would destroy everything they love.

[Content warning for violence, blood, death, gore, body horror, general spookiness, and implied domestic violence.]