Inima Mea // character art & aesthetic

“Only the rustling of the leaves can be heard in the light wind. There are no cars and no people on the streets, and the moon shines from above with silvery blue indifference. Breva catches the sight of a glinting light, perhaps a lamp on a nightstand, from the nearby window of a neighbor. The fluttering of what must be a television inside a living room filters out of a house in the other direction.

She subdues the tense feeling rising in her stomach. All these families in their neat little boxes, tucked into their beds and unaware of the lurking danger.”

Ghost hunting is Breva Nalls’ entire life, although she’d rather do anything else, if she could (like have a proper wedding with her wife and settle down, live the academic life like the history nerd that she is). But the horrid memories of what her father had done all those years ago still haunt her. As long as that chapter is not closed, she cannot rest.

Ghost hunting is Ludmija Tannitac’s entire life, and honestly, they don’t really mind. At least they belong somewhere. At least they’re doing something to make up for what happened all those years ago. The piece of demon inside their soul was never part of the plan but…it could be worse, right? Right?

Ghost hunting is Lila Marsh’s entire life, and she loves it. Sure, the beginnings were awful, but now that she knows what most normal people don’t, the important thing is to keep them safe, so that they would never know. An office job was never her life goal anyway. Except, the past doesn’t let her go. And sooner or later, if they don’t finish that first, most dangerous job, it will drown her.

(thanks to djarn’s character maker for the arts!)